The Zelienople Church of Christ is an independent non-denominational body of believers. We do not claim to be the only Christians - we try to be Christians, only. Our congregation is a very friendly and diverse group that believes that the Bible is God's divine Word and Jesus Christ is God's son.


We are a small but growing congregation.  We have a great mix of people – we have several families with children, some couples without, and single members also.  You should fit in regardless of your age.


There is no need to dress up to worship with us.  You may see everything from a few men wearing ties (not many!) to blue jeans and sandals.  Yes, you can bring your coffee in with you – or make a coffee or tea at our drink station.  We love kids, and understand that some noise and disruptions are part of having kids around – we love it!


Our history has blessed us with a unique assembling of people from many backgrounds.  Our present finds us desiring to reach future generations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The book of Isaiah declares that, "each generation makes known Your faithfulness to the next."  (Isaiah 38:19)   This is what we want to be about ... the making known of God's faithfulness to all generations.


We enjoy our heritage within the restoration movement.  As a restoration church, we are a non-denominational assembly.  As such, we seek to independently interpret the Scriptures, and allow the Bible to be our sole basis of authority.  Through this lens, we have uncovered a passion to pursue intimacy with God, community with others, and influence in our world.


All are welcome, come “as you are” and please stop by!


Seeking Truth Together


Our hope is that each person who attends Zelienople will move beyond our Sunday morning gatherings ... and into a deeply rooted, active life of faith in Jesus.


All of us are on a journey ... a journey to discover purpose and meaning in life.  We are all on a journey to uncover something to believe in.  The Zelienople Church would love the opportunity to assist you in taking the next step in your faith journey.


If you are interested in a new beginning in Christ, the Church of Christ at Zelienople encourages you to open a dialog with us.  We believe it's very important for a person's faith to be founded on an informed understanding of the basics of Scripture (Rom. 10:14-17). Bible studies toward this end are offered.  This can be done at your home or at the church building at any time you choose.


We don’t believe we have all the answers – for every one of us, our understanding of God’s word is continually improving, and is a work in progress.  We are glad to sit down and discuss what we believe, and what you believe, with only one criterion – that the Word of God, not our opinions, is the final say.