The Zelienople congregation is known for our fellowship, friendliness and our love and care for each other. We are a Bible-focused congregation, placing emphasis on reading, learning from and following the Bible, which is the instruction book that God has given to us. We do our best to follow God’s commands in how we worship Him and how we conduct our lives.

We are an "autonomous" non-denominational congregation; this means that we are not part of any national or regional organization, and we are free to conduct our worship and affairs as we see fit. We do not send money to, or receive orders from any governing body; we enjoy the freedom that Christ has given us in deciding what we want to do as a local body of believers.


Dedicated to serving God and obeying His will as revealed by the Spirit in the Bible, we continually study the Bible as our guide for faith, religious teaching and practice.  We encourage Christians, and congregations of believers, to cooperate and discuss matters of importance but believe this should be done without denominational entanglements.  Our head is Christ.